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Galaxy provides solutions to our clients by designing, installing, integrating, and servicing the following system solutions:

Access Control
Controlling and archiving entry to your facility

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
Aids security personnel in monitoring the activities of people in high security areas

Communication and Nurse Call
Intercom combined with video capability enhances the security at entry to your facility

Building Solutions
Parking controls, gates, bell schedules, etc.

In addition to providing system integration, upgrades to existing systems, and new installations, we provide complementing services such as customized CAD drawings, customized service agreements, product demos, in-depth site assessments and system design and engineering.

Galaxy’s staff of installers, technicians, salespersons, project managers, engineers, and support staff are provided industry and product training on a continuing basis as new technology emerges. Close partnerships with manufacturers and distribution representatives put us in an excellent position of being on top of these new emerging technologies. Cross-training our team enables us to make the best use of resources assigned to your project, in field or in office.